Here are some verse suggestions for your personalised candle.

Some of our favourite and most popular verse selections for Christenings, Baptisms, Naming Days, Weddings and also Memorial candles.

Simply select your chosen verse from the drop-down box on the candle product page.

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VERSE 1 - Christening/Baptism/Naming Day

An Angel fell down from Heaven
And landed in our Arms,
With all of Mummy's Sweetness
And all of Daddy's charm

VERSE 2 - Christening/Baptism/Naming Day

Babies are Angels
That fly to the earth,
Their wings disappear
at the time of their birth.
One look in their eyes
And we're never the same
They're part of us now
And that part has a name.
That part is your heart
And a bond that won't sever,
Our Babies are Angels,
We love them forever.

VERSE 3 - Christening/Baptism/Naming Day

God Bless this child
With all the gifts,
That heaven can bestow. 
With kind and gentle nurturing,
And strength to
Thrive and grow.

God Bless this child with
Health and hope 
And courage, come what may,
With commonsense 
And confidence
And faith to light the way.

God Bless this child with 
books to read
And new paths to explore, 
With smiles to share,
Family & friends who care

VERSE 4 - Christening/Baptism/Naming Day

On this day we place our child
In God's care forevermore

VERSE 5 - Christening/Baptism/Naming Day

Ten precious little fingers,
Ten precious little toes,
Two beautiful starry eyes,
One cute button nose.
Tiny yawns and sleepy sighs,
nursery rhymes and lullabies.
Toothless smiles, 
Darling little baby styles, 
A brand new life has just begun,
Dreams to be fulfilled
by you, Little one.

VERSE 6 - Christening/Baptism/Naming Day

You’ve been a special blessing
Since the day that you arrived,
Bringing so much happiness
And filling hearts with pride.
And now that it's your Naming
/Communion/Baptism Day
This brings a special prayer
That God will always keep
You in the shelter
Of his Care

VERSE 7 - Christening/Baptism/Naming Day

A small child
So precious and sweet,
Has come into our lives
To make us complete.
Today is so special 
In every which way 
Congratulations baby
(insert name)
On this your 
Special Naming Day

VERSE 8 - Christening/Baptism/Naming Day

Tiny yawns and sleepy sighs
Nursery rhymes and lullabies
A brand new life has just begun
Oh, what fun to have a son!

VERSE 9 - Christening/Baptism/Naming Day

Welcome, precious little child,
So fresh from God above.
Christened/Baptised today in Jesus' name,
Held in His arms of love.
May Angels guide 
Your tiny feet, 
And bring you 
Smiles to wear,
And may our heavenly Father,
Always keep you in his care.

VERSE 10 - Christening/Baptism/Naming Day

You have come into the world so tiny,
Yet with such great
Promise for the future.
Before you were even born,
God planned wonderful
Things for you.
As you are Baptised/Christened,
May you feel his love
And the love of those
around you,
And may you always
follow in His way.

VERSE 11 - Christening/Baptism/Naming Day

You were created in love
By the Lord,
And when you were born,
He was there, 
And He's with you now
As your christened/Baptised today,
And placed in his 
Warm tender care.

VERSE 12 - Christening/Baptism/Naming Day

His angels will watch
Over you, as you’re
Growing, as everyday brings
Something new, for you are 
His beautiful and 
Beloved child, 
And He cares very
Much about you.

VERSE 13 - Christening/Baptism/Naming Day

Love, joy, and wonderful dreams
All the sweet things 
A new baby brings

VERSE 14 - Christening/Baptism/Naming Day

We must know that
We have been created
For greater things,
Not just to be a number
In the world 
We have been created in order
To love and to be loved
Mother Teresa

VERSE 15 - Christening/Baptism/Naming Day

Truly a miracle,

a gift from above

VERSE 16 - Wedding

I love you, not only
For what you are,
But for what I am 
When I am with you.
Roy Croft

VERSE 17 - Wedding

Grow old along with me
The best is yet to be.
Robert Browning

VERSE 18 - Wedding

Love is patient, 
Love is kind.
It does not envy,
It does not boast,
It is not proud. 
It is not rude, 
It is not self-seeking,
It is not easily angered,
It keeps no record 
Of wrongs, 
Love does not delight
In evil but rejoices with
The truth. 
It always protects,
Always trusts, always hopes,
Always perseveres.

VERSE 19 - Wedding

What therefore God
Has joined together,
Let no man separate.
Mark 10:9

VERSE 20 - Wedding

Marriage is that relation
Between man and woman
In which the independence
Is equal,
The dependence mutual,
And the obligation reciprocal.
Two souls with but a 
Single thought
Two hearts that beat as one

VERSE 21 - Wedding

May God be with you and Bless you.
May you see your children's children.
May you be poor in misfortunes
And rich in blessings.
May you know nothing but
Happiness from this day forward.

VERSE 22 - Wedding

Love is composed of a
Single soul inhabiting
Two bodies

VERSE 23 - Wedding

This day I will 
Marry my friend,
The one I laugh with,
Live for, dream with, love.

VERSE 24 - Wedding

Two souls and one thought,
two hearts and one pulse.

VERSE 25 - Wedding

I'll paint a sun to warm your heart,

Knowing that we'll never part.

I'll draw the years all passing by,

So much to learn, so much to try.

VERSE 26 - Wedding

True love is a sacred flame,

That burns eternally.

And none can dim its special glow,

Or change its destiny.

VERSE 27 - Wedding

Two lives, two hearts
Joined together in friendship
United forever in love.

VERSE 28 - Memorial

As you were,
You will always be,
Treasured forever
In our memory

VERSE 29 - Memorial

In our hearts today and always

VERSE 30 - Memorial

The Lord is my shepherd
I shall not want.
In green pastures
He gives me repose.
Beside restful waters
He leads me;
He refreshes my soul.
He guides me
Along the right path
For his name's sake.
Even if I walk
In the dark valley
I fear no evil;
For you are at my side

VERSE 31 - Memorial

Our father who art in Heaven,
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
On earth as it is in Heaven
Give us today our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil
For thine is the Kingdom,
The power and glory,
For ever and ever.

VERSE 32 - Memorial

Always loved, never forgotten.

VERSE 33 - Memorial

Those we love don’t go away,
They walk beside us every day,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear

VERSE 34 - Memorial

If tears could build a stairway,
And memories a lane,
I'd walk right up to heaven,
And bring you home again

VERSE 35 - Memorial

Our hearts are warmed
By the knowledge that
"Insert name"
Joins us today in spirit
To bless our union.
We honour his/her love
With candlelight

VERSE 36 - Memorial

With us in spirit and in our hearts

VERSE 37 - Memorial

Say not in grief,
‘He is no more’,
But live in thankfulness
That he was.
Hebrew Proverb